VMC Records is a modern record label from Finland. We publish, advertise and promote music in every remarkable digital store there is and also in traditional stores and Medias in different countries.

VMC Records publishes new music globally in international music markets.

High quality and fresh music with spontaneous, unique twist makes VMC different from the masses. VMC Records wants to offer a real option for traditional record companies and their releases.

VMC is a professional in the field of marketing and promotion with years of experience. We help our artists with their career from the first steps.

We’ll make a country orientated plans for publishing, promotion and marketing for every digital and physical release. We can follow the real time development of sales and react quickly to the changes in the markets.

We are constantly looking for unique artists regardless of the genre. If you are an artist or a player in a band that makes music out of the ordinary, please send us your link to your demo to the address: